The Bachelorette’s Michael Allio Age, Net Worth, Job, Wife, Family, Wikipedia & More

Michael Allio, an entrepreneur and reality television star, was born in Akron, Ohio. He gained notoriety for his participation in Katie Thurston’s season 17 of The Bachelorette as a participant. The businessman co-founded the L4 Project, a non-profit organisation, as well as Allstera, a firm that “delivers excellent and inexpensive sanitation consumer products and personal protective equipment.”

Michael Allio’s age and date of birth

As of 2021, Allio will be 37 years old. On May 19, 1984, he was born in Akron, Ohio. Every year on May 19, he has a birthday party.

Height of Michael Allio

Allio is a fairly tall man. He measures 6 feet tall when standing.

Parents and Family of Michael Allio

His parents, Mark, his father, and Shelly, his mother, give birth to Allio. There is no other publicly accessible information on his parents. He has a sister named Brynn and a brother named Alexander. The businessman’s elder sister was Janet. In April 2011, Janet passed away.

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Wife of Michael Allio

Allio had a wife named Laura Ritter. While studying at Chicago’s Loyola University, they became friends. They dated before getting hitched in 2012. Sadly, his wife lost her battle with breast cancer in 2019 and passed away. Michael started a group named The L4 Project in her honour. To meet the needs of people with cancer and their families, the group sells clothing and donates the proceeds to charitable causes.

Michael Allio’s Net Worth

The range of Allio’s estimated net worth is $500K to $1 million. He is both a business owner and a consultant in sales and marketing.

Michael Allio Son | Children

As of June 2021, Allio is a father to one child. James is the name of his son. In 2016, on September 9, James was born. He wished him a happy fourth birthday in September 2020. September 2021 will be the son’s fifth birthday.

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Allio Michael Education

Allio obtained a BBA in Communications and Media Studies from Loyola University in Chicago.

According to his LinkedIn page, Allio is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MASCOT Workwear USA. In 2012, he started working with the company, and as of 2021, he has been there for nine years. His first position following college was as a sales consultant at Novartis (2006-2012).

Job of Michael Allio

Allio owns a business, according to his ABC bio. Further investigation revealed that he is the company’s founder and managing partner. He must have been quite busy during the pandemic because they offer personal protection equipment.

And if selling PPE wasn’t already a worthy endeavour, Allio also founded the L4 (Live Life Like Laura) Project apparel line in memory of his late wife. They give up all of their revenues to charities that “address these issues and improve the lives of people and families battling cancer.”

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This man is BAE, for real.

Bachelorette | Katie Thurston, Michael Allio

One of the contestants on Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette 2021 was Allio. As of 2021, Katie, a native of Lynnwood, Washington, will be 30 years old. She is a manager of bank marketing (as of 2021). Thurston participated in the 25th season of The Bachelor, which starred Matt James.

A person who is “compassionate, empathetic, resilient, not easily offended, having clever and self-deprecating humour” is what he calls his ideal spouse.

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  • Job, Michael Allio


Michael has a @michael alliol4 Instagram account. As of June 2021, the account had 34K followers.

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